■Group Exam

J-CAT can be applied for by either an individual ("Individual Exam") or schools, companies, or other groups as such ("Group Exam"). In the case of a group exam, the test proctor must go through designated application processes. To apply, after confirming the instructions andprecautions on group examinations, click the "Apply for Group Exams" button on the upper-right hand of your screen and complete the procedures. Check the instructions and precautions on group examinations from the "Implementation method and precautions of Group Exams (PDF)" below.

"Implementation method and precautions of Group Exams (PDF)

■User policy

In order to apply for the Group Exam, you must agree to the following user policy.

  1. This test is offered as a free service. It is not permissible to use this test for profit.
  2. This test is intended to be administered under the supervision of a local test proctor. All responsibilities related to the administration of the test lie in the local test proctor. The J-CAT Project Team assumes no responsibility in regard to test administration.
  3. The test proctor should take due care not to infringe on the privacy of individual test takers when totaling or announcing test results. If there is an ethics committee organized at the administering institution, the injunctions of that committee should be followed.
  4. The test should be administered only by a proctor who has thoroughly understood the characteristics of this test.
  5. The test proctor must take due care so as to avoid the leakage of test materials (question items, audio files, etc.).)
  6. The sharing of test materials with a third party is absolutely not allowed.
  7. In order to maintain the reliability of this test, you are requested not to compare answers or provide explanations in regard to test items. You may, however, inform test takers of their individual results.
  8. In the event that you write a research paper making use of J-CAT in any form, you are required to clearly state that fact in the paper, and provide the J-CAT Project Team with a copy of the paper via email.
  9. In order to improve this test, the J-CAT Project Team reserves the right to use test results for research purposes, insofar as such use does not infringe on the privacy of the individual test taker or the administering institution.